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 /// Building Worlds Made of Stories /// 

 Matriark Theatre gives young people everywhere the chance to  experience and create extraordinary, original theatre. 


COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone but we're doing our best to adapt. We have a Covid Safe Plan that can be viewed HERE and can be flexible with dates and delivery.


Workshops for high school drama students whatever stage or year group.

Whether you need a workshop to...

  • give students the THRILL of performance

  • develop a KNACK for dramatic styles

  • or to help them ACE their HSC GP & IP

Matriark can help you out with specialised workshops in a range of subjects.


Our classic Commedia workshop and HSC mentorship programs are still

available but with. Fully tailored

for your cohort. Check out our

new programs and get in

touch to book yours! 

Public School Discount...

We want to be able to visit every school, not just those with heftier budgets. If you're from a public school and would like to book a workshop but aren't sure it fits in your budget let us know. Matriark is offering discounts of 25% on all workshops for public schools in 2021. 

If you're from a public school let us know how we can make it possible to come to your school!

HSC Mentorship...

Get 2 FREE sessions

covered NSW Gov

Creative Kids Program.


Matriark creates and presents original works for young audiences. Check out what we're currently presenting below...


It’s happening – we’ll be launching Eerie Street by the end of the month! And our grand plan? An at-home listening party! Light an electric candle, dim the lights, prepare a spread of your favourite snacks and join us Friday 27th August to listen to spooky tales written and performed by young storytellers from across NSW.

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Got an idea?

Will it benefit young people?

Is it ambitious and multidisciplinary?

Is it interactive?

Is it something completely left of field?

Matriark has partnered with all sorts of industries and institutes to deliver work that engages and inspires young people.


Get in touch if you've got an idea you'd like to swing past us - we love to chat!


We were so disappointed when we realised that the show would have to be postponed for another year. But! We’ve spent the last month coordinating with venues and are pleased to announce that the tour will be going ahead in 2022. We’ll confirm dates, times, and locations as we get closer to the date so if you had your ticket this year, be ready to rebook for the next!

Banner Images by Aleisa Jelbart (The Secret World), Document Photography (Monstrosities), Julian Ridden (The Secret World)

Get Involved Images by Jack of Hearts Photography & Matriark Theatre