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Matriark Theatre | Sydney Fringe Festival

Inspired by the work of Ernst Toller’s ‘The Transfiguration’, Alarum is an exploration of hypocrisy, decay and what it means to have faith in humanity in a day when faith is taboo. Two lovers blissfully wander through life until the sudden return of a lost brother awakens them to the true cost of their commitment.


Presented by Matriark Theatre, this new play by Robert den Engelsman paints a picture of the journey between decay and faith coloured by the ebbs and flows of love and love lost.




Kit Bennet

Michael Smith

Chase Burnett




Director - Scott Parker & Robert Den Engelsman

Writer - Robert Den Engelsman

Designer - Aleisa Jelbart

Dramaturg - Kathryn Roberts

Stage Manager - Faith Treacy

Sound Design - Tim Fitz

Multimedia - +Harvest




Sydney Fringe Festival

PACT centre for emerging artists

Wesley Institute

All our Pozible supporters





Sydney Fringe Festival: 26 – 29 September

PACT centre for emerging artists