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Matriark shows are wild - students will love seeing Commedia performed in a fresh and invigorating way.  Check out our repertoire and get in touch for 2019!

Commedia della Morte


Pantalone's going to die! He's been given a fatal diagnosis by Dottore and now the hunt  is on for an heir. Of course, everyone wants his money and of course no one will get it. 

A punchy 35 minutes of traditional Commedia dell'Arte, created specifically for schools by Commedia extraordinaires Jesse Northam and Sam Flack. Commedia della Morte shows off all the major stock characters along with classic lazzi. 

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Dark dell'Arte


Commedia isn’t dead, it’s alive!

Dark dell’Arte is a gothic reimagining of Commedia dell’Arte, a gut-wrenchingly hilarious, original and punchy satire of Gothic Fiction.

Featuring all of your favourite Commedia characters as your favourite gothic storytellers, monsters and miscreants - stitching together Dr Frankenstein, Mr Hyde and Dracula with the chaotic world of Commedia dell’Arte.


Riverside Theatres Parramatta -  June 13-14 2017

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Much dell'Arte About Nothing


Welcome to the mad, bad, sad world of the Bard – Commedia style… Much dell’Arte About Nothing is a hilarious mash-up of Shakespeare’s works, presented in the Commedia dell’Arte tradition. Utilising slapstick, masks, stage combat, dance and stock characters, watch familiar Shakespearean references be transformed and invigorated – all with a good dose of irreverence!


Lend Lease Theatre Darling Quarter - September 12-14 2016

Riverside Theatres - October 17-18 2016

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre - October 21 2016

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