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Photography: Najee Tanous

It's 2022 and we're back! We know your students have been itching to get on the floor and work out their pent up creativity, and we want to be there to help them out. Here are some of the things we have on offer in 2022:

  • We have our usual THRILL, KNACK & ACE program, tailored to NSW syllabus outcomes from year 7-12 so do check it out. 

  • We're able to deliver online - so if your school hasn't opened up the doors to incursions then consider a DIGITAL WORKSHOP.

  • We have our full show MUCH DELL'ARTE ABOUT NOTHING available to access, you can click the link for more info.

  • A BRAND NEW STORYTELLING WORKSHOP for English/Drama departments, working with students to create their own short horror stories (a little taster of our podcast Eerie Street).

  • A STORYTELLING RESIDENCY - working with your students to write amazing stories that they then present at a curated storytelling event hosted by Matriark Theatre. We have a limit on the number of these we can run so get in quick!


As a theatre company with inclusivity, ambition and creativity at its heart, it’s vital for us to reach as many students as possible. We can tailor-make workshop programs to suit your budget and we will be offering a discount of 25% on all workshop programs for public schools. Reach out and chat with us, and we'll craft a program that works for you and your students.






THRILL incursions are designed to get years 7 & 8 students excited about performance. The primary focus of these workshops is to give a foundational knowledge of dramatic contexts & the elements of drama.


Dramatic Contexts:​

Physical Theatre &

Creative Movement

Commedia dell’Arte

Clowning & Comedy 



KNACK incursions are about building years 9-10 students practical knowledge of theatre. Taught by expert teaching-artists, let us come alongside your students & develop their knack for drama! 


Dramatic Contexts:​

Physical Theatre &

Creative Movement

Commedia dell’Arte

Clowning & Comedy 



With their HSC looming, students need confidence, structure and support. ACE workshops can be delivered as one-off workshops or multiple sessions, providing a touchstone and sounding board for students. 


Individual Project or Group Devised!



Private mentorship is available.

It is possible for students to

claim up to $100 for this program from the NSW Gov

Creative Kids




$450+gst per workshop


Can't get us into your school, no worries at all - we've had a lot of experience this last year running our workshops online. Whether you'd like a socially distanced Commedia dell'Arte workshop or you're a regional school usually unable to access workshops, we've got you covered with these killer online offerings. 

$100+gst for 2 x 30 min ONLINE sessions (individuals)


Struggling to come up with a great concept for your HSC drama major work?

Do you need some help refining, cutting together or writing a script for your IP?

Maybe it's the school holidays before your trial assessment and need an outside eye?

Get in touch with Matriark and grab an online mentorship session. 



If you're 18 or under you 

are entitled to $100 through

the NSW Government

Creative Kids scheme. Look it up

and get your voucher



Inspired by our recent podcast series 'Eerie Street', Matriark will work with your students to refine their storytelling chops. Over 1.5 hours students will be creatively inspired, coming away with practical tools to bring their stories to life.


Perfect for English and Drama departments and able to be delivered in person or online! 

$450+gst for a workshop

Fee dependent on number of students involved.


Over 3-4 weeks, your students will develop and workshop their stories with Matriark who will then transform them into a live storytelling event on the grounds of your school. The event might be a lunch time one, or perhaps in the evening for friends and family. Whatever the case we want to show students how their stories can come to life!


We can work to your budget and schedule so get in touch and let's make it happen! 


Welcome to the mad, bad, sad world of the Bard – Commedia style... Much dell’Arte About Nothing is a hilarious mash-up of Shakespeare’s works, presented in the Commedia dell’Arte tradition. Utilising slapstick, masks, stage combat, dance and stock characters, watch familiar Shakespearean references be transformed and invigorated – all with a good dose of irreverence!


Matriark brings the best of the best in Commedia dell’Arte to the stage. This production is not just for Drama students; Much dell’Arte will enliven Shakespeare studies in English, giving great material for comparison of texts and an alternative to traditional adaptations.


Seeing the experts flaunt their talents on stage will visibly raise the bar on student learning.

The show costs $275 for 1-year access through Vimeo On-Demand with access to our full teacher resource and exclusive pdf on Shakespeare and Commedia dell'Arte, click the link below to get it today!


Thanks for submitting, we're typically in the office on Mondays and Fridays so we'll be in touch soon! If your request is urgent you can call us on 0411 577 031

Book Now

Our full teacher resource includes an expanding number of pdfs including the following:

  • The Origins of Commedia dell'Arte

  • Professional Actors and The First Divas

  • Mask Technique

  • Comprehensive Stock Character Lesson Plans (Zanni, Magnifico, Capitano, Innamorati, Dottore)


If you've recently had Matriark Theatre at your school you will have received an access code for these teacher resources. If not! Never fear, you can purchase the access code from us below for $35 by clicking the Buy Now button!

... to access your free Commedia (Zanni) teacher resource


Once you have an access code for Matriark's teacher resources, click above to access.


Click to purchase an access code to our full Commedia teacher resource 

(NOTE: Workshops receive complimentary access)

Education resources...


Matriark Theatre's Education Program is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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