In partnership with 107 Presents...107 Projects, Redfern


The Holy City of GODFACE: built by gods, ruled by gods, populated with gods.  


In this election year, Matriark brings you an election like no other. GODFACE City will vote and a new Prime God will be elected.

Hilarious and fast-paced with plenty of backstabbing and betrayal, GODFACE combines puppetry and physical comedy to bring you a political critique at its most animalistic.


David Roberts, Josh Gardiner, Rose Maher, Brett Johnson, George Zhao.


Initial development thanks to Ashfield Youth Theatre, Excelsia College,

107 Projects Inc & Brand X.


With support from City of Sydney



Emily McGowan

Murray Lambert

Samuel Flack 

Jesse Northam

David Molloy



Director: Scott Parker

Writer: Robert den Engelsman

Dramaturg: Kathryn Parker

Designer: Aleisa Jelbart

Sound Designer: Kathryn Parker

Lighting Designer: Liam O'Keefe

Stage Manager: Faith Brown

Movement Consultant: Nicholas O'Regan

"Dastardly entertaining.

Creativity, focus and playfulness

are at the fore in this work..."

- Upstaged Reviews (2016)

"Matriark Theatre manages to reinvigorate the potential for magic in theatre. 

- The Music (2016)

"What the hell was that? It was really really good but what in the name of all the Gods was it?... It was brilliant, funny, emotional, experiential physical theatre beyond definition." 

- Sydney Arts Guide (2015)

Photography by Liam O'Keefe and Scott Parker