A blanket fort.  A hairy Oph.  A boy left alone.

A show for children and kiddults alike.


Mr Boy has lost his twin brother. Pursued by "Them", he sets off on a quest to find him with the aid of new friends and in the face of inescapable opposition. Using puppetry and mask as well as the mother-of-all blanket forts, HalfWorld is an immersive celebration of child logic and the restorative power of the imagination.



 Josh Hampson, Gabriel McCarthy, David Molloy, Emily Chapman, Murray Lambert, George Wang, Benjamin Vickers, Elizabeth Rogers, Michelle Ryan, Benjamin Freestone, Hristo Dushev, David Roberts, Giulia Corradi, Nathan Sandy.


Initial development thanks to The Space Program at  PACT centre for emerging artists.

Photography by Lucy Parakhina



Cory Willis

Emily McGowan

Nicholas O'Regan

Alice Keovahong

Thomas Albert



Director: Scott Parker

Writer: Robert den Engelsman

Dramaturg: Kathryn Parker

Designer: Aleisa Jelbart

Sound Designer: Kathryn Parker

Lighting Designer: Terry Maxwell

Stage Manager: Faith Brown

"This play is like a dream. Lots of weird things happen"

- Time Out Magazine

"...humble, and unpretentious and tender and offbeat..."


"...like if Where the Wild Things Are met Monty Python and then watched The Labyrinth just the right amount of times." 

- Augusta Supple



107 Projects: 16th - 18th August



107 Projects: 26 June - 16 July

WOW Children's Festival: 10 - 11 August