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Urza and The Song in the Dark is a brand-new children’s story set in a subterranean wonderland of complex caves, underground lakes and fantastical creatures. 


A mysterious song leads a young girl named Urza on an adventure in the depths of the earth. Along the way she befriends a lost explorer, gets pursued by a mysterious, dark force and finds herself caught up in a primeval story of mythic proportions.


Devised for young audiences aged 7+, Urza and The Song in the Dark brings together amazing puppetry, live songs, original music and stunningly layered, shadow visuals to take audiences on an epic journey underground.


All images by Robert Catto Photography

1020 MT20US 5123 © Robert Catto.jpg
0956 MT20US 5059 © Robert Catto.jpg
2234 MT20US 6219 © Robert Catto.jpg
1492 MT20US 5588 © Robert Catto.jpg
0013 MT20US 4144 © Robert Catto.jpg
1118 MT20US 5221 © Robert Catto.jpg
1822 MT20US 5853 © Robert Catto.jpg
1074 MT20US 5177 © Robert Catto.jpg
0881 MT20US 4983 © Robert Catto.jpg

By Zak Hardaker


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