A girl free-falls through filtered light.

A barefoot child slips silently between stalagmites evading a shadowy beast.

A legendary explorer searches for a lost song.


Urza and The Song in the Dark is a brand-new children’s fable set in a subterranean wonderland of complex caves, underground lakes and fantastical creatures. A mysterious song leads a young girl named Urza on an adventure to find her way back to the surface. Along the way she befriends a lost explorer, gets pursued by a mysterious, dark force and finds herself caught up in a primeval story of mythical proportions.

Devised for children and kiddults aged 8+Urza and The Song in the Dark will be presented intimately in venues across City of Sydney before festival touring in 2019/2020. Using Matriark’s signature punk-puppetry, live songs, original music and stunningly layered, shadow visuals; Urza is a unique work for young audiences.

Seasons Announced

2018 Seasons

Sydney Fringe - September 13th, 14th & 15th (Erskineville Village Church Hall)


2019 Seasons

City of Sydney Libraries  - 23rd, 24th, 25th January (Customs House, Glebe Library, Green Square Library)

+ more to be announced